Getting Here


Kashmir lies at a cultural, religious, and political crossroads. It shares borders with China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Much of the weather and precipitation originates over Pakistan and makes its way through Kashmir. The region of Kashmir is comprised of separate Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese states and lies at the foot of both the Great Himalayan and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. The ski mountain of Gulmarg is located about 60 kilometers west of Srinagar and is most easily accessed by flying into Srinagar and hiring a vehicle.


Come see what a typical stay for skiing at Gulmarg is like.

When you arrive in Kashmir, we will greet you at the airport with our outfitted 4×4 to get you across the snow-covered roads to Gulmarg. We can also drive you around the beautiful town of Srinagar if you would like to see the majestic botanical gardens or the beautiful lake in order to stretch your legs. At the airport, you will be prompted to fill out some official state registration paper work at the airport. This is the government’s method of keeping track of tourists in the Kashmir region.


Getting Here

Fly to Delhi and then get a connecting flight to Srinagar. Spice Jet and Jet Airways are both reliable international airlines that have daily flights straight to Srinagar. Occasionally, these flights may be delayed due to bad weather in Kashmir.
Domestic flights in India have a high level of security and this is the case for those to/from Kashmir. Expect to have several baggage x-ray checks and frisk searches, including one just prior to boarding. When checking in, make sure you get a paper luggage tag for your hand carry on luggage as security like to stamp this when you go through the x-ray checks. Listen out for the airline announcement to identify your luggage – you need to go out onto the tarmac and identify your bags matching them with your baggage receipts before they will load them. Avoid packing any sharp objects in your hand luggage, although phones and cameras seem to be ok.
On arrival in Kashmir you will get a registration form asking for details on your stay including flight, passport, visa details, so have these handy. You should get the same form at the hotel and again on departure.Once you arrive in Srinigar (the capital), Gulmarg is about a 60km drive. This is the tricky bit, so make sure you have arranged for a package with a tour operator before you get there otherwise it can be more awkward when you arrive. They will also pick you up from the airport to avoid getting swamped by dozens of touts wanting to take you.
If you don’t want to stay in Srinigar overnight, it’s best to arrive in Delhi in the morning so that you can take a midday flight to Srinigar, then head straight to Gulmarg. Otherwise, you can stop over in Srinigar overnight and leave for Gulmarg the next morning.
The drive from Srinagar to Gulmarg is fairly straightforward, but can be delayed due to snowstorms etc.