About Gulmarg

About Gulmarg

Gulmarg is an all weather resort with refreshing summer meadows and pastoral scenes.It is a town Originally named Gaurimarg, a hill station, a popular skiing destination and a notified area committee in the Baramula district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is situated in the Pirpanjal range in the western Himalayas.
Gulmarg is one of the best-kept secrets in the skiing world. It’s a remote place, but with the most extreme terrain imaginable, torrential powder and the highest Gondola in the world at 4000 metres along with colourful culture, its well worth a trip for any die-hard snow fanatic.
Gulmarg also has some of the best slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers all serviced by ski lifts and chair lifts. The diversity of skiing in Gulmarg means that you can experience what you want, when You want – extreme backcountry, off-piste, on-piste , and the world’s highest gondola pick you and take you to those mighty mountains.
Ski snobs love Gulmarg as the steep powder bowels stretch across the range, offering more than 1,000 meters of vertical runs.The amount of terrain that is accessible via the gondola is practically boundless. It’s very much frontier skiing, with the main attraction being a lethal combination of vast extreme terrain and endless metres of powder. Only a small amount of terrain adjacent to the gondola is patrolled, with rest of the terrain being backcountry. Don’t worry too much about safety precaution if you plan to stick close to the gondola, but you must be properly prepared if you want to experience the backcountry riding.As far as the eye can see. The gondola offers an massive amount of advanced and expert terrain and most of it is ungroomed. The skiing and boarding is amazing.
Probably 90-95% of the terrain accessible from the top gondola will be backcountry. There are numerous bowls left and right of that which are backcountry so you will need to be properly geared up. Check the backcountry advisories which the patrol will post at each of the gondola stations.
Often snowing every seven days for two to three days delivering over a meter of fresh powder at a time. The high altitude snow remains cold, crispy and light for the days on end.
Experience the relentless pursuit of adventure, the thrill of slashing through untracked snow and the exhilaration of dropping into effortless run in the Gulmarg.

Outdoor activities include.

  • Gulmarg Skiing
  • You can enjoy skiing in Gulmarg. Skiing in Gulmarg is an ultimate powder experience. It’s very much frontier skiing, with the main attraction being a lethal of vast extreme terrain and endless meters of powder.

  • Gondola Ride
  • Take a ride in world’s highest gondola. Most of terrain is almost accessed through gondola. In winter gondola offers a huge amount of advanced terrain most of it is ungroomed.

  • Golf
  • Along with major sports like skiing snowboarding, you can also enjoy golfing in Gulmarg in months of summers. Gulmarg Golf course is an 18 hole golf course situated on the lower ranges of Gulmarg. It has emerges as one the most popular golfing destinations in India.

  • Snowmobiling
  • In winter snowmobiling is another adventure that you can experience in Gulmarg. Snowmobiling enables you to explore the lower ranges of Gulmarg. This is an amazing ride to take. Riding a snowmobile on snow at a high speed is a different thrill altogether.

  • Heliski
  • You can also enjoy Heliski in Gulmarg. Heliski in the Himalayas is an ultimate experience that enables you to explore the different peaks of the Himalayas and enjoy skiing in fresh and untouched powder.